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You may also submit prayer requests in person. Prayer Cards are available in the welcome center and prayer room. Please feel free to complete as many as you wish and place them either in the white box in the welcome center or the glass bowl in the prayer room.

Please keep the following individuals and families in your prayers

The Atkinson Family, The Sawyer Family, The Clark Family

David Bostian, Charlene Davis, Harry Dugan, JoAnne Fields, Howard & Helen Gatlin, Betty Grey (Sandy's sister), Ed House, Curtis Jackson, Lea Palmer, Terry Reed, Susan Mullaly (Pam Maples' sister), Bill Reitmeyer, Imogene Smith, John & Fay Sweeney, Kendra Tune, Cheryl Whitehurst, Daisy Whidby, Jerry & Janis Wolverton, Bennie Woolam, Sheila Johnson (Pam's sister), Bill Hannah, Nancy Smart, Wanda Withers, Dottie Stewart, Jack Williams